Customized Rolled Rubber

When rubber flooring hit the market in the late 1990s, many dairymen recognized the need for an alternative to concrete and implemented it into their cow comfort program.

The positive results that herds experienced were translated into better foot health, improved heat detection, increased milk production, traction and cow longevity.

The challenge of a rubber floor now is not only to provide a soft surface that will give relief from concrete concussion to the hooves, but to stand up to the constant wear from cleaning equipment and traffic with minimal disruptions.


Our customized rolls of virgin rubber flooring are available in lengths over 150' and widths up to 14'. With a precise fit for your facility, unnecessary tabs or seams are eliminated and installation time is significantly reduced.

The right floor doesn't need to be puzzling. Let your cows take the next step in cow comfort, hoof health and increased milk production.

Superior Flooring
- Natural virgin rubber
- Consistent quality
- Skid resistant honeycomb surface
- Non absorbent and urine resistant
- Softness to emulate a pasture feel
- Precise fit for your facility
- Quick installation for minimal herd disruption
- Ideal for all types of cleaning equipment

Superior Comfort
- Increased milk production
- Reduction of injuries
- Improved heat detection
- Improved traction
- Increased cow longevity

Journal of Dairy Science, 2006
- A soft flooring surface is beneficial for hoof health.
- The proportion of cows becoming lame is greater for cows exposed to concrete than those on rubber.
- Cows on concrete have greater odds of developing or exacerbating heel erosion than cows on rubber flooring.
- Use of commercially available rubber floors improves cow locomotion compared with concrete floors.


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