Huber 4GS SoftBed

Thin rubber sheets for cow mattresses have become very popular. How can you tell good from bad quality amongst the numerous products on the market?

Tensile strength describes the force needed to break a product by stretching it. When looking for durability and stability, tensile strength is the most important feature with cow mattress top covers. The thinner the material, the more important becomes the tensile strength. Huber Technik is the only company disclosing data on tensile strength based on official tests carried out by DLG in Germany.

The latex underlay used today is significantly stronger, more form-stable, and more durable than polyurethane rebond foam of earlier soft bed generations. This creates a clean finish without the use of sealant strips. In this model, the top cover is anchored with bolts to the concrete floor on both sides of the latex pad.  


3.4 MB

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