Reduce your sand usage by up to 50%

Original and Unique Grid Design

Supports Hoof, Keeps Bed Level and Minimizes Sand Waste

Robust, Comfortable and Improves Lying Position

Promotes Accessibility and Aids Cubicle Alignment

Sand Saver Grid Mat

Sand bedding levels in freestalls affect how much time cows spend lying down which can increase comfort and milk yield. A recent MSU study found that cows spent less time lying down as sand bedding levels decreased. It was further noted that for each 1 inch decrease in sand level below curb height cows spent 28 fewer minutes lying in freestalls.

“ A 35-40 percent savings in sand use convinced us to install the GRID in the rest of our stalls. A level bed means that daily stall maintenance is dramatically reduced”

Lucas Donkers
Rose Vega Farms

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